F.lli Poli was founded in 1968 and is renowned for its technical skills in the field of design, metalworking technologies (dies for deformation and drawing, metal machining, stamping, 3D laser cutting, assembly) and for its ability to provide global solutions to its customers.


Experience, creativity, passion and state-of-the-art technologies to solve problems and develop products in the field of metalworking.


To be a point of reference for the engineering departments of metalworking companies in order to meet the demands for innovation in the field of cold metalworking.

F.lli Poli is committed to contributing to a sustainable future.

This commitment involves promoting tangible actions consistent with the UN 2030 Agenda goals.

On this page you can monitor F.lli Poli’s actions supporting this commendable and crucial global activity.

If you like our approach to the future, join us in this effort – together we can do much more.

Free to… build one’s own future in the company

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