Our extensive experience in various fields, together with our knowledge and passion, have led us to start a project on materials and heat dissipation in collaboration with the University of Padua. In recent years we have developed innovative cooling systems and solutions for the market with a specific focus on power LEDs. These new heat sinks consist of aluminium fins, an aluminium base and heat pipes that optimize the performance of the LEDs. Its elegant and extraordinarily attractive shape allows the application of this innovation both on downlights and on decorative lamps. Dissipation occurs passively without the use of active devices that would increase costs, consumption, noise and are a source of possible breakages. F.lli Poli offers metal accessories for lighting technology, such as front frames and baskets for downlight applications, to be used in combination with the heat sinks.


The modularity of the heat sink makes it easily adaptable to customer needs. In particular, it is possible to increase the dissipated power simply by extending the heat sink while maintaining the same diameter.

This characteristic overcomes the limit of traditional heat sinks whose length must be proportional to the diameter. Heat sinks are available in different colours, shapes and power.

heat sinks for LEDs