Progressive dies

Progressive dies are especially important for sheet metal processing.

The progressive dies for cold metal processing transform the metal plate into a finished object through a number of steps (depending on the complexity of the product).

The construction of the progressive dies starts from the study of the so-called “strip”, which allows which allows optimizing the consumption of the stamped sheet metal.

In defining the strip, the designer of the progressive die defines the different operations that the die will perform on the strip, step by step.

Manufacturing high quality dies requires top technical knowledge and experience which translate into the definition of the individual concatenated phases for the production of components at maximum speed and with excellent dimensional stability.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the construction of deep-drawing dies, F.lli Poli was able to select the most sophisticated software to find the best solutions for its customers.


F.lli Poli has an extensive experience in developing Hinge progressive dies.
We are able to manufacture Dies and hinges in various materials and thicknesses.
We use a special technology which permits us to achieve high precision in the internal diameters of the hinges.

To be aware of the problems related to the metal stamping, enables us to provide reliable and accurate Dies in demanding applications.

hinge progressive dies