UN 2030 AGENDA: a plastic-free coffee break with CICARA®

Our commitment to promoting practical actions for a sustainable future continues. The UN 2030 Agenda and its goals may seem distant, theoretical or difficult to apply in our daily lives.  This is the challenge! We asked ourselves: what are the…

Fratelli Poli: telling our story for over 50 years

Telling one’s story without being banal is not easy, especially if you have been in the cold metalworking business for over 50 years. Therefore, we let the images of the technologies and people that create the distinctive value of our…

Why does drawing technology perfectly match the requests of architects and designers?

In the furniture and lighting industries, design and precision of shapes are fundamental. Being unique and innovative in terms of materials often makes the difference. Designers and visionaries of this sector know it very well as they sometimes struggle to…

Fratelli Poli and SolydERA together for cleaner energy

Today, more than ever, energy transition is necessary and unstoppable. The shared goal of reducing CO2 emissions is creating a sustainable energy sector that stimulates growth, innovation and employment. Fratelli Poli has always supported projects aimed at contributing to a…

UN Agenda 2030: Zero Hunger with Nursery Box by Fratelli Poli

Our commitment to a sustainable future starts with the project: Nursery Box, development of technologies for the controlled growth of horticultural and medicinal plants. The Nursery Box project has successfully implemented a modular, renewable energy plant nursery prototype to maximise…

F.lli Poli contributes to the historical renovation of the Grand Hotel San Pellegrino Terme

The renovation of the central wing of the majestic Grand Hotel in San Pellegrino Terme has recently been completed. This bilduing, a Art Nouveau gem, is finally returning to its former glory and Fratelli Poli feels proud of contributing to…

Women and Smart Technology: Fratelli Poli has joined the project promoted by Confindustria Veneto SIAV

We are living through an era of rapid technological acceleration and deep changes in the production structure, in business relationships and in the company’s organisation. How to support the role of women in enterprises? How to enhance digital technology skills…

Welding or deep-drawing?

Welding or deep-drawing? The product is manufactured by laser cutting, bending and welding. Welding is a critical process that needs extra care to avoid any leaks. It is not possible to reduce the production cost by increasing quantities. The production…

Die maintenance

We offer manufacturers of mechanical components our experience in the field of sheet metal die production to carry out the necessary and urgent maintenance. Thanks to our 3D optical scanner, we are able to detect the dimensions of the components…

500 ton Hydraulic Press and 3D Laser Cutting

We are pleased to inform our customers that the new 500 ton hydraulic press has been put into operation. This technology perfectly fits with 3D laser cutting technology. We can assist our selected clients from the idea to the final…

New production facility

As part of the continuous development of our business, we have acquired a new production plant in Fara Vicentino. The 650 sqm real estate unit will be used for cold sheet metal stamping activities, with particular reference to progressive stamping…

Illuminotronica 2018

With reference to the development of the heat sinks for cooling LED lamps, we are pleased to announce that F.lli Poli will participate in the Illuminotronica trade fair which will be held from November 29th to December 1st 2018.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering We are pleased to inform our customers that we have acquired the scanning technology with structured light. This tool allows the Reverse Engineering of complex objects.

European project Luce in Veneto

F.lli Poli is an effective member of the cluster of companies of Luce in Veneto. In their research and development activity, Luce in Veneto has become the promoter of the RIR (Rete Innovativa Regionale – Regional Innovative Network) Venetian Smart…


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