Deep drawing is a technology that allows the processing of cold sheet metals to give them any three-dimensional shape.

The drawing dies allow compressing the sheet metal by modelling it into different shapes and sizes. These dies consist of a matrix and a punch. These tools are mounted on a steel die holder, and they can open and close only if the stamping press opens or closes.

The drawing dies are normally mounted on hydraulic presses, and the production processes are sophisticated.

To build drawing dies, it is necessary to possess expertise and experience in the behaviour of sheet metal subjected to cold deformation.

F.lli Poli offers over 50 years of experience in the construction of deep-drawing dies and uses sophisticated software to find the best solutions for its customers.


Your new product’s Sales forecast are uncertain.
Is it worth double investing in deep draw and blanking Dies?

F.lli Poli supports you with the market launch of new products by halving your investments.

We manufacture only the deep draw Die saving on the blanking Die.
We will supply you the parts by using 3D laser cut technology, postponing the investment on the Blanking Die until you project will take off.

deep drawing die and laser 3D