In the stamping of sheet metal there are two main methods that generate two different final products.


Deep drawing is a technology that allows the processing of cold sheet metals to give them any three-dimensional shape.

It is used in the automotive field but is common in medical applications, furnishings, energy, heating, refrigeration, household and industry in general.

Deformation by drawing is an excellent alternative to the welding process, as it does not generate areas that are thermally modified.

The deep drawing process is combined with our 3D laser cutting service. This combination allows the customer to avoid the investment costs of the blanking die as this is replaced by the cut carried out with the 5-axis laser head.

The customer can thus obtain the first products without having to bear the cost of the blanking die; until the product itself meets the approval of the market, the only investment required is the deep drawing die.

F.lli Poli has the most suitable machinery for cold forming sheet metal for deep drawing.


The smaller components that require several processing to be turned into the final product (such as bending, trimming, coining) are produced by mounting progressive dies on mechanical presses.

These dies consist of a series of steps that selectively deform the sheet metal.

At each stroke of the press the progressive die changes the result of the previous phases, cutting, forming, bending, and trimming the sheet.

The result of this processing is that from the entry of the sheet, generally coming from a coil, through a series of deformations, we obtain the finished product, which is recovered at the end of the progressive die.

This type of technology allows producing cold metal components at very high speeds with excellent dimensional stability while optimizing sheet metal consumption.

F.lli Poli has the most suitable machinery for cold forming sheet metal with progressive dies.